Indian Granite Blocks Company

Indian Granite Blocks Company are granite quarry owners, Exporters and Inspection agents from India We inspect and export

  • Adipiscing Rough granite and marble blocks
  • We have our own granite quarries
  • We have captive and associate quarries in granite and marble
  • We regulalrly supply to granite factories in India making granite and marble Slabs, Tiles, Counter, Vanity, kitchen tops, Sinks and artefacts
  • We offer Inspection and certification services for rough blocks of granite and marble
  • Satisfied clients across the world

Started in 1988 with a mission to achieve success in the Indian granite export market, Indian Granite Blocks company has worked with various international granite companies and grown from strength to strength.

Now we are able to export / supply to you granite and marble blocks regularly and consistently.

We can source, procure, inspect and export the Indian Granite in any form (both rough blocks and finished products). We are a team of experienced people in the Indian Granite field. We can offer the following services to your company.

  • Sourcing of Granite
  • Identifying of reliable and regular suppliers
  • Regular and through quality inspection of granite
  • Timely supply / export of granite

We can source granite and marble blocks from our own, captive and associate quarries. These quarries have been choosen after careful consideration, studying their material consistency, supply capacity and integrity

Today our granite products have remained a symbol of quality & beauty for architects and builders.

We offer a range of sizes, including large-sized blocks suitable for all gang saw and block cutter machines. We regularly export rough blocks to leading granite processors and traders in Japan, China, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Portugal, etc.

We also supply blocks to Australia, USA and Canada for granite sculpture carving purposes.

We export granite and marble slabs, tiles, countertops, sinks, etc to USA, UK, Germany, South Africa, Middle east, East Asia, etc. Please visit our website for granite slabs, tiles, counters Wholesale Granite Tops