Rough Block Varieties

South India is a hotbed of granite and most of the popular granite colors are located in south india. The states of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the foremost in granite production and exports. Recently Orissa has been emerging as new center for new granite colors. Marble is predominantly from the state of Rajasthan in north India. We can supply rough blocks in the following colors.


Absolute Black F3 – SF          Black Galaxy                                                     Chittoor Black (G20)

Warangal Black                       Tiruvannamalai black TVB Black            APP Black

QFC Black                                  KK-7                                                                     Tiger Black

G20                                              RhtmlL – SKV Black                                        Silver Pearl

Black Pearl                               Kunnam Black – KNM                                   New Kent Black


New Imperial Red/ Ruby Red      NH Red                                                   PG Red

SMKT Red                                Kaddur Red                                                      Bandargal Red

Multicolor Red                       Tumkur Porphery                                          Catseye Red & Brown


Blue / Purple

Paradiso Dark                        Paradiso Bash                                                     Himalayan Blue

Vizag Blue Dark                     Lavender Blue Dark                                         Sapphire Blue


Tan Brown                                Coffee Brown                                                  Sapphire Brown

Indian Mahogany                 Ruby Blue                                                         Ikon Brown

Sophia Brown                         Fox Brown


Raw Silk                                      Indian Juprana                                           Colombo Juprana

Rosewood                                  Ghibli                                                             Lady Dream


Kashmir White                        Wiscon White                                            Meera White

Pearl White                                Ocean White                                            Vizag White

Amba White                               Imperial White


Seaweed Green                        Tropical Green                                         Kuppam Green

Green Rose                                Soft Green / Pastel Green                    Mint Green

M1-H (New Hit)                       Hassan Green M6                                    SR Green


Gold / Yellow

Kashmir Gold / Madurai Gold         Amba Gold                                Shivakasi / Ivory Gold

Colombo Juprana Gold                       Vyera Green                             Vyera Beige

Ivory Brown / Shiva Sands


Mudugal Grey (MD-5)                        AP Grey / Ginga                         Belgaum Grey / M-13

Lily                                                              Hampi Grey / Ban Grey           Sadarahalli Grey

Sira Grey

Marble, Quartzite & Sand Stone

Green Marble                                       Rain Forest Green                               Onyx

Rain Forest Brown                              Teak wood                                            Anaconda Green

Rainbow                                                 Quartizite