Granite Inspection Services

We offer granite buyers from abroad, quality checking and granite inspection services from India.

We have a full-fledged Inspection team. For this purpose, we have THREE full fledged inspectors who, amongst themselves, have a total experience of 30 years of working with Indian stones. Apart from them, we are in a position to hire, on an part-time basis another five inspectors.

Highlights of Granite Block Inspection

Some of the highlights of Inspection, Quality checking and Liasion service include

  • Identifying the right material as per your sample
  • Locating the quarries that can give us regular and consistent supply of granite marble blocks
  • Identifying the right suppliers so that you can negotiate the best prices with the suppliers
  • Arranging / scheduling your trip across the various quarries, hotel, travel bookings, etc
  • Acting as your liasioning agents in India

Chinese Buyer Inspecting Mudgal Grey Blocks


Chinese Buyer Inspecting Mudgal Grey Block


Japanese Buyer Inspecting Mudgal Grey Blocks


Our Executives Inspecting Multi Color Red Blocks


Inspection of Slabs, Tiles, Counters, Etc:

Each slab is checked for the following features

  • Color Matching with counter sample provided by Buyer
  • Standard color and grain pattern matching for various granite colors
  • Uniform thickness of slabs, tiles, counters, etc
  • Good high gloss
  • Uniform polish
  • No wheel marks, scratches or fissures due peeling off of mica or quartz
  • Unwanted Veins, Bands, patches, etc
  • Cracks, broken edges,
  • Digital images sent to you for any clarification if any
  • Final packing in crates and container stuffing
  • Detailed inspection report

As an inspection team we do not interfere with the supplier selection of our buyers (you) and work with your selection of suppliers, and approved samples. We have the experience of inspecting rough granite blocks, marble, Tiles, Slabs, Cut-to-size in Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Slate and Limestone both in the South as well as in the North India.

We do not get involved with the actual despatch process, unless we are expected and asked to do so. If requested, we can monitor and report despatch activities and document handling.

Our rates for inspection of granite and marble blocks and full or part container (in case of slabs, tiles, counters, etc) inspections would vary from the material quantity, locations and the sizes etc. We would be happy to quote our rates to you, once you could inform us the extent of assistance required from us.

We also undertake and have successfully done several strategic, commercial, marketing, legal and financial projects for large, medium and small companies involved in international trade of Granite and Marble coverings every aspect of the trade.

Slab Inspection   


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